About Us

Hello! My name is Nick Halliwell and I am the founder of innovative Technologies Germany.

While originally from England, I am now based in Emmerich, Germany. I hold a BSc in Physics from The University of Manchester and have a background working in the technology industry. I also have a keen passion for helping others!

The concept of iTG first came about when I damaged the display of my own phone. Due both to a desire to save money as well as a curiosity to know how easy it would be, I decided to see if I could repair it myself. To my surprise, with a bit of research, the right parts and equipment, and lots of patience, it actually wasn’t that difficult. I then realized that with these 3 things, almost anyone with the right mindset should be able to do the same thing.

Whilst we unfortunately can not provide you with extra patience, at iTG it is our mission to provide you with the other ingredients so that you don’t have to spend time searching for them yourself.

Our aims are:

  • to source and supply to our customers the highest quality parts at the right price
  • to put together only the most useful information to help our customers successfully complete the repair of their phone
  • to communicate with our customers and offer as much after-sales assistance as we can
  • to act on constructive feedback provided by our customers.

Whilst iTG is a continued work in progress, my hope is that we are always working towards achieving these aims.

We wish you every success with your repairs!

Nick Halliwell