Tempered Glass Display Protector Fitting Guide

Before you start

This guide will show you step-by-step how to install the Tempered Glass display protector as included with some of our iTG® display glass repair sets.

You Will Need
  • The Tempered Glass display protector kit as included with the iTG® repair set for your model smartphone (which you can find here in our Amazon store).
  • Adhesive tape / masking tape.
  • Patience (usual installation time: 10 – 15mins).
Let’s Begin!
Step 1

Please make sure all the parts of the supplied kit are included. If you find that there is something missing or damaged, please contact us before proceeding.

Step 2

Using the supplied screen cleaning wet wipe (green packet no. 1), thoroughly clean the display of your phone.

Step 3

Using the supplied screen drying cloth (red packet no. 2), wipe the display until it is completely clear of dirt and smudges.

Step 4

Remove the Tempered Glass from the protective sleeve and place it onto the display of your phone. Make sure it is positioned as you would like it to be, once the installation is completed.

Step 5

Cut a piece of adhesive tap approximately to the length of your phone. Fix it along one edge of the Tempered Glass as in the picture. Now fold it over and affix it to the frame of the phone.

You should now be able to move the glass as though you are opening it like a book. However it should stay in position relative to the phone.

Step 6

With the help of the red tab, peel back and remove the clear protective plastic from the back of the Tempered Glass. Now immediately fold the protector back over and onto your phone.

Step 7

You should now see that the glass starts to adhere itself to the display of your phone. You can help this process along by pressing lightly on the Tempered Glass using your fingers or a cloth. Now you can remove the adhesive tape from the edge of the glass.

Step 8

Your display glass now has increased protection.

Now pat yourself on the back for a job well done 🙂

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