The repair products and repair guides that we offer are used solely at your own risk. While our aim at iTG is to support you with the self-repair of your device, we do not take any responsibility if an attempted repair results in your device becoming further damaged or unusable. If you are not confident in attempting a repair yourself, we always recommend consulting a local professional who should be able to assist you directly with your specific problem. If you do attempt the repair, you assume full responsibility.

Please be aware that the repair guides we offer on our website are a continued work in progress and do not presently cover all the repair products that we sell. We will continue to update this section with new repair tutorials when we have the time to do so. Unfortunately at present our resources are just too limited to do this any more quickly. If you cannot find a repair guide for the specific model of your device, there are many other sources of information easily accessible online by searching (Youtube is always a good place to start).

For the cases where a repair guide is not yet available for one of our products, we have tried to provide links to appropriate online resources. However please understand that these external links are in no way associated with our site and we cannot be held responsible for the information that they contain.

When attempting a repair please remember to read the instructions carefully before starting, be patient and take your time.