About Our Products

The iTG® smartphone repair sets and accessories that we sell on Amazon are carefully selected to offer the highest quality at the best price. At present we specialize in repair sets for Samsung Galaxy smartphones as we have found that these are the most sort after replacement parts for people wishing to self-repair. We also have the most experience repairing these model phones so are able to offer the best advice.

We have found that with a few exceptions, a cracked or damaged display glass on the majority of smartphones can be replaced without the need to swap out the entire LCD display unit. This means you are able to self-repair your damaged display very cost effectively when compared to the price of a new LCD or professional repair service.

Whilst it was previously very easy to change the rear battery cover on most smartphones, the change in design of newer model phones means this is no longer the case. However we have found that through using a similar, albeit less complicated procedure than that used to replace the display glass, it is also still possible to do this yourself.

Whilst we specialize in Samsung Galaxy smartphone repair sets, we do not rule out offering sets for other models in the future. If you cannot find something you are looking for, or have a suggestion about a part you think we should be offering, we would be happy to hear from you.

Our products are currently split into 2 main categories:

  1. iTG® ORIGINAL battery cover repair sets.
  2. iTG® PROFI repair tools and accessories.
1. iTG® ORIGINAL battery cover Repair Sets

Whilst offered at a reasonable price, these repair sets are put together with quality in mind and include parts and repair tools that are carefully selected and tested by us. Unlike other sellers, we include only original replacement parts produced by the original equiptment manufacturer. We do not sell low quality aftermarket parts. We also include additional iTG® repair tools, which together with the repair instructions found on this site, help make the repair processes as straight forward as possible.

2. iTG® PROFI Repair tools and accessories

We are excited to introduce to you our newest range of smartphone repair tools and accessories. Our aim is to give our customers the opportunity to buy directly from us, the additional specialist tools and accessories that we use in our own workshop to assist with some of the more difficult repair procedures. We work directly in cooperation with specialist tool suppliers to find the best quality tools at the right price. These tools come recommended by us and carry the iTG® seal of approval. Where possible, we try to indicate in our repair guides when the use of one of these tools would be useful.